5 Must Have Skincare Items for Surviving Festival Season

Festival season has officially kicked off with both weekends of Coachella now over. I didn’t attend Coachella this year but was out in the desert for Revolve Festival. The hot and dry heat can be harsh on your skin and ain’t no one has time for dry damaged skin! Last year, my newbie self to the desert only brought out moisturizer and sunscreen. To say my face didn’t love me too much once I returned home would be completely accurate. With that being said, I wanted to share the 5 must have skincare items that helped me survive my festival activities and the crazy heat my second time around to the desert!

** DISCLAIMER: I didn’t include sunscreen – cause duh, I think everyone knows sunscreen is a must! But just because It needs to be said, I would recommend applying sunscreen of SPF 45 or higher. I choose a roll on sunscreen of SPF 50!

5 Must Have Skincare Items for Surviving Festival Season:

1. Climate Smart Moisturizer
5 Must Have Skincare Items for Surviving Festival Season

Whether you’re headed to the desert or not, a good moisturizer is a must for a good start to your skincare routine during festival season (and everyday too). Last year when I headed out to the desert, I brought along my everyday moisturizer for dry skin and found myself wanting to re-apply it after a couple of hours! Pour Moi’s Climate Smart moisturizers are made for different climates and I’m obsessed!

For my trip to Palm Springs, I used the Desert Day cream daily with The Serum and Hydrating Balancer. It was literally a game changer and left my skin feeling hydrated all day long! If you’re not heading to the desert you can use Pour Moi’s Mountain Day cream (also great for flying), Tropical Day Cream, Temperate Day Cream and Polar Day Cream.

2. Hydrating Facial Spray
5 Must Have Skincare Items for Surviving Festival Season

What I love about the heat – getting a tan. What I hate about it – sweat dripping everywhere! This year I packed my favourite facial spray to keep me refreshed throughout the festival. I love Grace and Stella’s Hydrating Rose Facial Spray and I literally use it constantly, hence why it’s basically empty in this picture. I love using it after the shower, before bed and thought out the festival. It was such a last minute item I decided to pack but I’m so thankful I did!

3. Dry Shampoo
5 Must Have Skincare Items for Surviving Festival Season

This is probably an obvious one but I always forget to pack dry shampoo! Dry shampoo is a must for a busy festival weekend full of fun, sweat and dirty hair. I don’t like to wash my hair while being away because, bless my curls, but they take forever to straighten. I also have had such a hard time finding the right dry shampoo for my hair type since most don’t do anything for my hair! I actually got this Voir dry shampoo in a goody bag at an event and it has become my must have for in-between washes. It’s not a typical spray but instead is a powder that you pump onto your hair. It smells amazing and literally takes all the oil out of my hair!

4. Face Masks
5 Must Have Skincare Items for Surviving Festival Season

After a long day in the sun and maybe a drink or two, your skin is going to look dehydrated. I love starting my morning before I head out to the festival recovering from the night before with a face mask. It re-hydrates my skin, gives me a glow and just makes me feel like I’m ready to start my day! The face mask above was new for me and is made from Honey and Banana from TWOTSP and smells amazing. Since returning back home, I’ve already used it 3 times because I love how it makes my skin feels and like I said, it smells good!

5. Eye Masks
5 Must Have Skincare Items for Surviving Festival Season

Last and most definitely not least, eye masks. I always wake up with the darkest and most puffiest under eye circles. At home, I use a roller to get rid of the puffiness but I don’t like traveling with my roller. An easier and more sanitary way to deal with under eye bags are with eye masks. I brought along Grace and Stella’s Anti Wrinkle + Energizing Eye masks. I’ve been using them for a while now and they’re always my go-to for a quick way to make myself appear more awake!

What are your must haves for festival season skincare?

xo Lauren