What’s Inspiring Me Lately

what's inspiring me lately

Heart Pillow / Jade Roller / Rosehip Oil / Himalayan Salt Lamp (on sale!) / Rug / Print / Bubbly Bears / Diffuser / Throw / Tassel Pillow


The January blues has definitely set in for me! I always struggle in January to stay motivated. Here in Toronto, we’re snow-covered, it’s freezing and grey almost every day. It’s definitely hard on the body and mind, so I try to find ways to give me a little cheer. In the Wintertime I spend 90% of my time at home! I love being out in the Summer, but when Winter comes I’m in full-blown hibernation!

This year, I decided to give my home a little refresher for January. I am a pretty minimal when it come’s to colours in the home. But, I decided to add blush accent’s in to give it a little cheer! I’ve just been LOVING blush for the home. Especially that Target carpet – so cute!

I also recently purchased a Himalayan Salt Lamp that I am absolutely crazy about. I definitely recommend that too. It’s so calming with its warm glow.

I’ve also been loving the jade roller to relax the skin on my face. And I am crazy about rosehip oil! I’ve been using it on my face for 3 months now and I have seen amazing results. I have always had blemishes on my face that without makeup on are dark and noticeable. Since using the rosehip oil, my blemishes have lightened up considerably! So happy about that!

The hubs and I will be getting a diffuser soon too! Our house gets so stuffy and when you have two dogs the doggy smell becomes a little too much, lol!

And last but not least. Nothing better than a sweet treat to help cheer up the blues. I love the Sugarfina bubbly bears for a small dose of sugar! Taste’s just like champagne too. Yum!

xo Lauren