We’re Pregnant! Our Pregnancy Story.

Finally! The secret is out! We’re pregnant!! It’s been a long 12 weeks of hiding this little secret from Instagram and some friends and family, but we are so excited to share the news. I thought it would be fun to share our pregnancy story so far.

Were we trying?

Qais and I weren’t trying to get pregnant but I had gotten off the pill the prior August because it just wasn’t working for me anymore. I was tracking when I was ovulating and when my period was coming, just so we had an idea since we weren’t actively trying. I just wanted to know when I could get pregnant and when I couldn’t because honestly, we weren’t weren’t planning on it. So you could say we were loosely cautious, cause clearly we weren’t cautious enough lol. So the short answer was no we weren’t trying but we weren’t being overly cautious about it either.

When did we find out?

We found out at the most magical time possible. The week before Christmas! It was the best Christmas gift Qais and I have ever gotten. 🙂 Even though we don’t technically have our baby yet lol.

How did I know I was pregnant?

Okay, so even when I was on my birth control, I used to be very cautious when I was late or anything was off. If I was even a day late on my birth control I’d take a test. I always wanted to be sure so I didn’t drink any alcohol while pregnant.

Fast forward to December. I was a day late (my period was expected on the Wednesday) but because I’m randomly late by a day or two Qais and I decided to just brush it off. I asked him if I should buy a test and he was like “no you’re probably not pregnant”. We agreed if I didn’t have my period on the following Friday that we’d grab a test.

So Thursday morning I was doing my early morning workout. I felt a little “off”. I just felt more sluggish and just off to be honest. In the back of my head I was like maybe I should just take a test to be sure. I was doing a lot of HIIT workouts at the time and drinking a lot of spiked eggnog (lol) and wanted to be sure I wasn’t pregnant. I decided to same day Amazon prime some pregnancy tests even though Qais told me to wait until Friday.

Later that evening, I was going to take the test but was like, you know what I’m probably not pregnant so I’ll wait another day. We walked our dogs and came back home and Qais asked if I wanted a spiked hot chocolate. I decided to take the test before drinking it just to make sure.

So… I took the test and literally before the 3 minute mark there was TWO pink lines. I couldn’t believe it. I called Qais to look and we just stared at it and at each other with out saying anything. We were both in total shock. So long story short, I didn’t drink the spiked hot chocolate and I ended up taking 3 more tests to be ABSOLUTELY positive that I was pregnant. And each test came back positive!

We did a little math at the time our test came back positive and I found out I was 5 weeks. The next week I confirmed it with the doctor and told my mom.

So there you go! Our HUGE secret and our pregnancy story. I’ll be sharing my first trimester experience as well as so many baby things because I am SO excited!!

And man does it feel good to share this blessing with the world!

xo Lauren