Nursery Update 02

Literally last week I shared my first nursery update on my blog. And now, just a week later I already have my second update for you guys! Things are really moving quickly in the nursery and I was just too excited to wait even longer for the next update. That being said, I’m far from done and still have a few bits and bobs to add (including baby girls mattress). I’ve linked all my items below and would highly recommend going the decal route vs the wallpaper if you’re interested in the rainbows or any other decal!

Decals | Crib | Rug | Dresser | Knobs | Blanket | Diaper Caddy | Shelves | Changing Basket | Frame | Print | Llama Doll | Onesie | Sleeper, Sleeper, Sleeper | Swaddle, Swaddle | Rattle | Lovey | Pendant

xo Lauren


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