My Under $40 at Home Spa Routine w/ Grace & Stella

A few weeks back I received an amazing luxe pampering package from Grace & Stella. Now, I’ve never heard about Grace & Stella prior to them reaching out to me. But, I loved how they were a Canadian company with a mission to provide high quality (never tested on animals) skincare and beauty products. And before I forget, this entire box is under $40. Go ahead and shop it right here!

Scroll below to read more on what’s in the Grace & Stella box. (And how I use my Grace & Stella products for a luxurious at-home spa routine)

Firstly, guys, this box smells beyond AMAZING. I literally left the box open in my living room as an air freshener, lol! The smell alone sold me on this box and I was so excited to dig in and try out all these products myself!

Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder

I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict who needs her coffee every morning. And because of this addiction, your girl, has yellow coffee stained teeth! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some charcoal powder and was SO excited to see this product in my Grace & Stella Luxe box! This all-natural charcoal whitening powder is made with refined and non-abrasive powder to help lift away stains. And, it’s mint flavored, which is a plus for me!

I’ve been using this coconut charcoal powder every Sunday as part of my at-home spa routine. I personally use it as my very first step before I bath and mask! It leaves my pearly whites feeling fresh and gets me ready to start my relaxing spa routine! (I also have been using this charcoal powder a few times throughout the week too!)

Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Eye Masks

Yes, I said anti-wrinkle energizing eye masks! And yes, I was so pumped to see this in my Grace & Stella box. Nothing else screams luxurious at-home spa more than these nano-active gold, hyaluronic acid and rose essential oil eye masks! In 15-20 minutes, these cute little half moons magically make your dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines disappear! Like wham!

I like putting these babies on right before I start brushing my teeth with my charcoal powder. Plus, I’ve been using these a couple times a week in the morning before photoshoots for a quick way to look more awake (and alive)!

Bath Bombs

Every at-home spa day needs a luxurious bath to help relax your body, mind, and soul. And I, for one, can’t do an at-home spa day without a nourishing bath bomb to soak my body in! Each bath bomb is made with a blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil and olive oil. I mean, yes please, give me lots of that!

I love running a warm bath, dropping a bath bomb in and lighting a few of my favorite candles to set the mood! If I’m feeling really fancy I’ll add some petals in too!

French Lavender Body Cream

I seriously always have dry skin. So when I can find a body cream that is moisturizing AND smells like a tropical vacation, I am so in! I am a big believer in moisturizing your body with a natural lotion daily and even got Qais onto this French lavender cream! Grace & Stella’s French lavender body cream is made with aloe vera, rosehip oil, and shea butter.

After I finish up in the bath, I love drenching (yes, drenching) myself in this lotion! From my head to my toes, I make sure to get this lotion everywhere!

Dead Sea Mud Mask

My favorite way to end my Sunday evening and spa day at home is with a mask. Nothing relaxes me more than putting on a mask and flopping on my couch, lol! This dead sea mud mask is often used for common skin ailments such as blemishes, blackheads, wrinkles, cellulite, textured and congested skin. It will help draw out impurities, toxins, and dirt! My skin is SO incredibly soft and glowing after using this mask!

Pro tip: pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and relax as this mud mask works its magic on your face!

My honest opinion? Um, snag this high-quality box now! If you love to pamper yourself (who doesn’t?!) and want natural products for a super affordable price, then Grace & Stella is for you!

Now excuse me as I sneak in another spa day before Sunday! 😉

Shop this under $40 luxe box here!

xo Lauren

Thank you to Grace and Stella for collaborating with me on this post!