How I Gained 20,000 REAL Instagram Followers in 6 Months – Part 1

Finally, my most anticipated blog post is here! I really wanted to write it sooner but decided to take my time and figure out how I was going to write it and how I was going to share this most valuable info, lol. Originally, I was thinking of doing a video discussing how I grew mine but didn’t want to condense my tips. I really want to be thorough and share everything I did so you can do it too! I’m going to break this series up into 4 parts so I can explain what apps you need, why you need them, how to use them, and of course a few Instagram tips! So let’s get started with part 1:

Part 1 – What Camera and Apps to use:

This is THE most important parts when it comes to creating your brand on Instagram. Using the right apps and camera are so important when being able to convey your brand and create your story. Remember, Instagram is visual so consistent quality and editing is key. Even if you’re starting with 0 followers!

Step 1: Choose your camera

When you first start blogging or even if you just want to live on the ‘gram, you need a decent camera to start. Now you don’t need to go drop a couple hundred or a thousand on a DSLR camera just yet. But, you do want a camera that can take clear and crisp photos. When I first started my Instagram I shot with my iPhone 6 and my Nikon D5300 with the kit lens.

I would recommend shooting with at least an iPhone 6 or any of the newer iPhones. The reason I am personally recommending iPhone is the plethora of apps I have personally used getting my Instagram off the ground. But, obviously, any newer phone with a sharp camera will be just fine!

Step 2: Find Inspo

When you first start shooting your outfits, don’t be put off with how they may turn out! They may not look like how other blogger’s outfit shots look on Instagram. When I first started, I would show my husband my favourite #ootd shots. We would then discuss the angles and I would practice certain ways to pose to achieve the shot! It honestly took a while to learn “my angles” and I was SO embarrassed when people would watch. But, you need to start somewhere and your favourite bloggers Instagram’s and blogs for inspo are the best place to start!

Step 3: Plan your Instagram

Since I started on Instagram, I have never just posted aimlessly. You should always have some sort of a plan for your posts. Now, every so often I do post something I really want to share right then or there, like an item on sale that doesn’t go with my feed, but I share it to let my followers know about it. Overall, you want to stay within your theme and on your brand. There are SO many visual planning apps for Instagram you can use to help keep a consistent feed! Always use a planning app to layout your images and to be better prepared for what content you want to share on a daily or weekly basis.

Step 4: Use the Right Editing Apps

Okay, this is probably one of the most important steps and one of my favourite steps! When I first started blogging and using Instagram I was really confused with how to edit my pictures. I didn’t know what app to use or how to use it. There were an endless amount of apps and filters, which I was so overwhelmed with! But after many editing attempts with different apps and filters, I have chosen the best editing apps to use! These apps are tried and tested by the bigger bloggers, and will definitely give you the visual effect you want on your Instagram!

To make it really easy, I decided to create a FREE cheat sheet of my favourite apps (the same apps I used to grow my following) to create a beautiful and consistent Instagram! If you want to receive this FREE cheat sheet of all my must-have apps, subscribe to the mailing list below. All my subscribers are always the first to get my cheat sheet and blogging/Instagram tips!


xo Lauren

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