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3 Guaranteed Ways to Make your Blog (or Instagram) Pictures Better!

Top | Skirt | Jacket | Shoes (similar) | Purse I get asked a lot about my blog and Instagram pictures. From how I edit them to how I get them to look so professional and what camera’s I use. I have an editing guide here if you were wondering about editing. But today’s blog post is how to take the ‘perfect’ picture before editing! So let’s jump right in! 3 Guaranteed Ways to Make your Blog (or Instagram) Pictures Better!: 1. Create a story Don’t just take a picture. Create a story. Use buildings in the background to create interest, depth and height. Take advantage of the way the sunlight is hitting the road or the way it’s hitting your hair. Look at your surroundings and try to make them create a story for either your blog post or Instagram. Create a vibe or a feeling. Nothing is more captivating than an image that creates a story. It’s so easy to take a picture in front of a wall and call it a day. But it’s so much more exciting and inspiring to use your surrounding to help tell the story about your outfit! 2. Capture the candid To really create a story try and capture the candid moments. Nothing shoots better than an authentic walk (vs the fake walk – which rarely looks good). Walk around your shooting location, naturally interact with what’s around you and do your thing. I like to pretend that Qais isn’t there shootingโ€ฆ

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