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How I Gained 20,000 REAL Instagram Followers in 6 Months – Part 2

It’s been over a month since I started this blogging series! Thanks for your patience, I know so many people have been waiting for part 2 to be published. I’ve had so many other projects on the go, including Shop Basic Babe, that it took me longer than anticipated to sit down and write this post. But, alas, here it is! Part 2. Part 2 – How to Edit: When I first started on Instagram I had no idea how to edit! I would spend hours scrolling through different accounts and admire all these beautiful feeds. Thinking, I wish I knew how to edit or what apps to use! At first, I got a little discouraged and thought maybe editing was just not for me. I read so many different blog posts about how to edit and they were ALL so generic. None of them gave specific advice on what filters they use. What their editing process was. If they used more then one edit. And the list goes on and on. When I first started editing I definitely over edited every picture. I wanted a bright clean feed. And thought that meant raising the exposure like crazy, lol! I actually had NO idea what I was doing. I dabbled in so many different editing programs, trying to figure out how Blogger XYZ achieved that look on her Instagram. It probably took me until last Summer to really figure out how to edit my pictures to the way I like. And…

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