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How to Be A Girl Boss: 8 Ways to Build Your Empire

Since starting my own business, Shop Basic Babe, I’ve felt more encouraged and inspired to motivate other women. Maybe it’s because of all the encouragement I received after announcing my launch on my Instagram. I had so many lovely ladies reach out to me and tell me how proud they were of me and how I was such a girl boss. Firstly, I was shocked by how many people reached out to me to congratulate me and encourage me. Most of these ladies were some I have never spoken to before on Instagram. But they reached out and it was the sweetest and most uplifting act of kindness I could receive. Especially after launching my new business! I had some many women reach out to me and tell me how I was living their dream. And how they wanted to start their own business one day! To know you’re living someone else’s dream is such an intense feeling. It makes you really grateful for what you have, first off. And secondly, it makes you want to reach out, touch hearts and inspire other women to pursue their passion and dreams! And because of this, I decided to write a post that I’m still living out day by day. How to be a girl boss. How to Be A Girl Boss: 8 Ways to Build Your Empire: 1. Don’t fear failure Can I just be real for a minute? Every. Single. Day. I fear failure. Launching a new business from the…

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