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Currently Crushing On: Florals and Faux Fur

Jacket | Dress | Boots | Purse As you guys probably already know, I love faux fur and I love florals! It’s just one of my go-to pieces that I swear by. So I recently decided to combine my two faves with a pretty cute Winter outfit, if I do say so myself! And not only is this the faux fur jacket of my dreams because of the size and colour. But it is really SO warm! Perfect for bitter cold days. The dress I’m wearing is from Shein and it’s kind of like a faux wrap dress if you will! It actually just buttons on the side instead of actually wrapping. Which I really liked. It is a little low cut, so keep that in mind if you want to buy it! You can’t see it above because of my jacket, but it has kind of like mini bell sleeves. Which is super chic! If you don’t think this outfit was warm for what the weather looks like outside. You’re probably right, lol! I shot this look a couple of days after coming back from the cottage, but keep in mind the temperature at the cottage was -37 degree’s Celsius (which is -34.6 Fahrenheit)! The day I shot this look it was -7, so needless to say, -7 felt warm even in this! When you’re Canadian you take what you can get lol!   xo Lauren Thanks to Shein for collaborating with me on this post!

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