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Currently Crushing on: GRLFRND Jeans

Jeans | Cardigan | Bodysuit | Boots (similar) | Purse   I haven’t done a currently crushing blog post in a long while and it’s definitely overdue! Especially with these GRLFRND jeans! OMG! I am obsessed. Like I would totally wear these every single day if I could! If you’ve been following me for awhile you may know that I never was a jeans girl. I could never find a pair that flattered my legs. And I could never find a pair that would hold it’s shape and look good after months of owning them. So if you are anything like I were then you need to read this post! Okay so, I’ll be honest. GRLFRND jeans may be a bit a splurge. They are a major splurge for me! I honestly don’t spend over $60 on jeans. But, you honestly do get what you pay for when it come’s to jeans. So the question is… are these couple hundred dollar jeans worth it? Yes! If you’re looking to get many, many, many wears out of jeans then these are for you! If you’re looking for jeans that will hold their shape and are available in different styles and colours to flatter your legs. Then these babies are for you! Done deal. And I’ll be super transparent too. I was gifted these jeans from Revolve. And have always wanted to buy GRLFRND jeans but couldn’t honestly justify buying them before! But I will say I would definitely save my money…

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