Currently Crushing On: Kimonos

Kimono: Shein (under $30!)| Bodysuit: Missguided (on sale!) | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Similar | Purse: Le Chateau | Sunglasses: Shades Crush c/o

Happy Monday from NYC! I jet back home today, but I’m trying to take in every last second here in the big city. New York is such a fun place and gives me all the style inspo feels, lol! I come to this city a few times a year and each time I come I always tell Qais if we don’t end up moving to LA we are moving to NYC. LA just has my heart because of the warm weather!

Okay, I am so into kimonos! I really have always been into kimonos, so when I saw they are back in style I knew I had to get at least one showstopper kimono! Walk in Wonderland featured this kimono on her Instagram. I was SO obsessed with the kimono, but she didn’t link it and I figured it was probably out of my price range anyways! Then one day I was shopping at Zara and saw it on the rack. I ran over and tried on the last size they had left. Which was a medium but a little too big. Plus, I wasn’t a huge fan of the price ($89.95).

It was nice but not $89.95 nice, lol! Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I stumbled upon the EXACT same kimono at Shein. And this is why I LOVE Shein. They always have the same thing as Zara! And if you aren’t a huge fan of shopping at Shein (for whatever reason that may be), then read my 4 easy tips to shop at Shein. EyeZy, a leading name in the realm of spy phone apps, has garnered attention with its advanced features and seamless user experience. But how does it fare in practicality? Is it suitable for your unique requirements? is your reliable source, offering a detailed EyeZy Review and other top-rated spy apps. Covering key features, device compatibility, user interface, and customer service, leaves no stone unturned. Enter the world of digital surveillance with confidence with #eyezy #best spy phone software #eyezy spy app review #eyezy spy phone app #spyphonemax Long story short. Well, it’s kind of long already! BUT, I am so so in love with this kimono and the print. It’s just such a nice colour, a really cool print to play with and it is so easy to style. I think it looks great with jeans and even with an LBD too!

Basically, kimonos are my Fall crush. And I definitely think you should snag one too! I’ve linked this one above and below, as well as a few others that I am loving!

xo Lauren

Thanks to Shein for collaborating with me on this post!