Currently Crushing On: Kimonos

Kimono: Shein (under $30!)| Bodysuit: Missguided (on sale!) | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Similar | Purse: Le Chateau | Sunglasses: Shades Crush c/o

Happy Monday from NYC! I jet back home today, but I’m trying to take in every last second here in the big city. New York is such a fun place and gives me all the style inspo feels, lol! I come to this city a few times a year and each time I come I always tell Qais if we don’t end up moving to LA we are moving to NYC. LA just has my heart because of the warm weather!

Okay, I am so into kimonos! I really have always been into kimonos, so when I saw they are back in style I knew I had to get at least one showstopper kimono! Walk in Wonderland featured this kimono on her Instagram. I was SO obsessed with the kimono, but she didn’t link it and I figured it was probably out of my price range anyways! Then one day I was shopping at Zara and saw it on the rack. I ran over and tried on the last size they had left. Which was a medium but a little too big. Plus, I wasn’t a huge fan of the price ($89.95).

It was nice but not $89.95 nice, lol! Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I stumbled upon the EXACT same kimono at Shein. And this is why I LOVE Shein. They always have the same thing as Zara! And if you aren’t a huge fan of shopping at Shein (for whatever reason that may be), then read my 4 easy tips to shop at Shein. Long story short. Well, it’s kind of long already! BUT, I am so so in love with this kimono and the print. It’s just such a nice colour, a really cool print to play with and it is so easy to style. I think it looks great with jeans and even with an LBD too!

Basically, kimonos are my Fall crush. And I definitely think you should snag one too! I’ve linked this one above and below, as well as a few others that I am loving!

xo Lauren

Thanks to Shein for collaborating with me on this post!