Poppy Loves: 9 Must Have Newborn Essentials

Poppy Loves: 9 Must Have Newborn Essentials

Guys, these 9 items have been on heavy rotation since Poppy’s been born. I use pretty much all these items daily and swear by them! Most of them can be found on Amazon too because I am a huge Prime person and with a baby who has time to wait for shipping or go to the store? I’ve linked each item below and shared why I love them!

Poppy Loves: 9 Must Have Newborn Essentials

1. Happiest Baby Snoo – I’m going to do a entire review on the Snoo so I’m going to keep why I love it short and sweet. It works. It’s pricey but it honestly works. Since purchasing the Snoo, Poppy sleeps like a little champ giving mama and dad a decent nights sleep! If you’re in the US you can rent the Snoo (lucky you!). Here in Canada you need to buy it, but it has a good re-sale value and may be worth the investment if you’re planning on having multiple kids.

2. Uppa Baby Vista V2 (in the colour Bryce) – The Vista has been my dream stroller for years. I love the sleep safe bassinet and that it can turn into a double stroller if I decide to have another kid. It’s a pricier stroller but well worth the investment in my opinion. Plus, its available in a bunch of colours!

3. Snuggle Me Organic Lounger – Tried, tested and approved by Poppy! The Snuggle Me Organic Lounger hugs your little babe making them feel like they’re in the womb again. Plus its more affordable then the Dock-a-Tot and a very functional item you can move room to room with you. Remember to supervise your baby when napping in the Snuggle Me!

4. Dreamegg Sound Machine – First time mamas, this is a product you need! A white noise machine is essential for your new bundle of joy as it mimics the sounds they hear in the womb. The Dreamegg has a multitude of sounds including nature noises, fan sounds and a few lullabies. I also love how it has a nightlight and is portable so you can move it around the house to wherever your sweet babe is napping.

5. Philips Avent 3-in-1 Sterilizer – I honestly don’t know how any mamas live without this. The Philips Sterilizer saves us SO much time every single day. From bottles to paci’s this sterilizer is fast and a huge life saver in our home.

6. Fisher Price Bouncer – If you’re looking to save a few $$$ or don’t want to go for a swing then I’d highly recommend this bouncer. When we first brought Poppy home she lived in it! The vibration feature is a must and always calms down a fussy Poppy. Plus, it features music and nature noises with volume control.

7. Velcro Swaddles – Never attempt to swaddle again. Velcro swaddles are a huge must and a big time saver, especially if you’re trying to swaddle at night. It’s an easy way to get a nice tight swaddle on your baby. This swaddle was also a huge help when Poppy was going through her first leap and calmed her from her fussiness fast!

8. Philips Avent Glass Bottles – There is nothing better than a glass bottle in my opinion. Poppy took to these bottles right away as it mimics mamas breasts. If you’re planning on breastfeeding and bottle feeding I would highly recommend giving these bottles a try! Poppy took to them in one try and is the only bottle she will now take.

9. Solly Baby Wrap – Fussy baby? Baby won’t nap? Baby doesn’t want to be put down but you need your hands? Then you need a Solly wrap. They are buttery soft and really easy to wrap and go! I love using thee Solly wrap for around the house and going on walks!

What are your go-to essentials for your newborn?

xo Lauren


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