My Favourite at Home Workouts!

Happy Friday, babes! Today on BBL I’m changing things up. Working out and fitness has (very) slowly become a part of my regular routine and life! I decided about 6 months back that I wanted to become healthier, eat cleaner, shed some weight and build muscle/tone! It’s still a process and I’m working towards getting stronger and healthier every day. So today I’ve decided to share my favourite at home workout routines I’ve been loving and I think you’ll love them too!

My Favourite at Home Workouts!:

My Favourite at Home Workouts!

1. Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise was the first place I started when I began working out at home. Her workouts range from 8-17mins long and are easy to follow. She also includes modifications and is informative and fun to follow! Rebecca has everything from beginner abs to HIIT and great strength training workouts.

She also just released her own app BURN and has a 30-day calendar with different workouts every day so you work out a different body part! I, myself, have seen amazing results from following her videos!

2. Fitness Blender

I love how much you learn from working out with Fitness Blender. This husband and wife team have killer workouts (you have to try their HIIT workouts – they are INTENSE) and are super easy to follow along to. They also have different workouts for different fitness levels.

Fitness blender delivers crazy workouts to your living room and they definitely will make you feel the burn and sweat!

3. Yoga with Adriene

I am OBSESSED with Adriene. I honestly love her personality, her vibe and her channel! She is such an amazing yoga instructor and is the reason I want to get on the mat and practice. I am no yogi by any means and absolutely love challenging myself with different practices and poses.

Yoga is my go-to on days I feel to soar or tired to do cardio or strength training! And if you are a beginner or have never done yoga before, no worries, she has videos for that! She literally has a yoga video for everything – runners yoga, yoga for when you’re sick, yoga for depression etc…

My Favourite at Home Workouts!

4. POPSUGAR Fitness

My newest obsession! I just found their channel a few weeks ago and literally can’t get enough lol! They have 30-45min videos of basically anything (dance, Tabata, pilates, etc.) and they are SO good! Like I haven’t been able to walk after doing their Tabata workout lol. A definite must have if you are looking for a fun workout that will make you feel the burn!

I also love how all their videos include a warm-up and cool down! And include modifications for each move. I highly recommend this channel!

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xo Lauren