Mama Loves: 17 Postpartum Essentials I Loved

As a first time mom, heading into postpartum was anxiety inducing. I had no idea what to expect, how much pain I’d be in after labor and the products I needed. Fast forward 4 weeks postpartum and I’m no longer in pain and ready to share my go-to products I used and loved. Scroll down to see my 17 postpartum essentials plus why I loved them:


Mama Loves: 17 Postpartum Essentials I Loved Mama Loves: 17 Postpartum Essentials I Loved


1. Frida Mom Postpartums Essential Recovery Kit – If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this Frida Mom Postpartum Kit then SNAG it! It’s always sold out and super hard to get here in Canada but definitely worth it. I was fortunate enough to have it gifted to me and did I ever love it! The Frida Mom Recovery kit contains everything you need to recover from bringing your bundle of joy into this world. Which is disposable underwear, frozen maxi pads, cooling pad liners and healing foam. If you can’t snag the kit, you can actually buy each product separately and I’ve included two out of the 4 items in the kit in this list

2. Frida Mom Peri Bottle – Now that I’ve used both Frida Mom’s peri bottle and the free hospital peri bottle, I can easily say that the Frida Mom’s peri bottle is so much easier to use. Is it necessary? Nope. But does it make cleaning your va-jay-jay so much easier? Yes. And because of that I highly recommend!

3. Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads – Mamas, you need this in your hospital bag! Instant frozen maxi pads in a snap, literally, because all you do is fold over the pads and shake them and they are instantly cold. No need to prep frozen pads at home or to use the hospitals. Buy a large box of these because you’ll be needing (and wanting) more! I bought so many I have an unopened box ready to go for my next baby ;).

4. Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads – When you’re not using your frozen pads you’r going to want to use these. These were addicting for me as I loved how it made “down there” feel. If you got hemorrhoids during labor you definitely need these! And if you didn’t, like me, they are still a must-have postpartum product that you’ll be using in the early days after delivery.

5. Frida Mom’s Disposable Underwear – I used a few different underwear and pads depending on how long after and how heavy my bleeding was. These Frida Mom disposable underwear I used about a week after with pads and was it every comfy. They are high waisted, soft and disposable!

6. St. Francis Fenugreek Supplement – My milk came in about a week after having Poppy. It was a slow start to nursing but once I started taking this supplement my milk came in furiously! This exact supplement was recommended to me by my doctor and I can safely say this stuff works. If you’re needing to boost your milk supply or are preparing your postpartum kit, definitely add this Fenugreek supplement in.

7. Kotex Heavy Flow Pads – Forgive me, as my pads are a little out of order but these Kotex pads are great about 2 weeks out when you’re bleeding becomes lighter but still heavy enough that you need a pad. I used these for about a week and a half and bought a huge box on Amazon, which I’ve linked!

8. Silverette Nursing Cups – I’ve raved about these on Instagram and I’m going to rave about them here. Because these nursing cups truly were the only things that worked on my sore cracked nipples. And I tried everything, the butters and the prescription cream and nothing beats these silver nursing cups. If you didn’t already know, silver is a naturally antibacterial which is what makes these cups so great!

9. Always Discreet Boutique Underwear – Like I mentioned above, the pads I used postpartum are a tad out of order on here. These are the pads I used first, right after giving birth. They’re comfortable, absorbent and can be layered with the Frida Mom Maxi Ice Pads. Highly recommend for the first week after birth!

10. High Waisted Underwear – After the first week and a half, I switched over to Kotex pads and these high waisted underwear. I snagged them from Amazon and I LOVE them. Not only are they comfortable but they offer a bit of of support for your postpartum belly. I’d recommend buying a few packs because you’ll love them and laundry after baby is a little hard, lol.

11. Kotex Panty Liners – About two and a half weeks postpartum I was ready to switch from pads to liners. I was so over wearing pads that I wanted the lightest liners that still offered a bit of protection. I bought these Kotex panty liners on Amazon and they did not disappoint!

12. Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings  РHands down, these postpartum leggings are my favourite! They are medium compression but comfortable and help you feel your best by offering support on your core and back. My only regret is not getting a few pairs of these leggings!

13. Water Bottle – If you’re going to be a breastfeeding mama then you need ALL the water you can get. I’m going to purchase this bottle for myself because I love how it has time markers to help you hit your water intake goals. Plus, it’s chic and comes with a silicone protecter so you can throw it in your stroller or diaper bag too!

14.Belly Bandit B.F.F. Belly Wrap – Another postpartum must-have in my books is a good belly wrap to help support your core, back and to compress everything back to where it’s supposed to be. I didn’t start wearing this until my second week postpartum and regretted it. It was one of the only ways I could get outside and walk because it offered so much support. Worth the splurge for the Belly Bandit belly wraps as I find it so much comfier then another one I have from Amazon!

15. Donut Cushion – After delivery, you may be a little sore on your bum and in that general area! ¬†Nothing worse then having to spend most of your day either in bed or on your couch to have a sore or numb butt. I had so many DM’s of other mamas saying to purchase a donut cushion and were they ever right! This one is from Amazon and I honestly didn’t use it for long but my hubby now has it on his office chair. So you can use it long after your postpartum recovery too!

16. Lansinoh Breast Therapy Pack – If you’re planning on breastfeeding then these gel therapy packs may be something you’ll want to have on hand. They’re great for relief, engorgement, plugged ducts, milk let down and mastitis. I just keep mine in my freezer for whenever I need them!

17. Lansinoh Nursing Pads – Leaking is just apart of becoming a new mama! There is nothing more uncomfortable than a wet bra. I love these nursing pads because they are thick and absorbent. I use them every night at bedtime and have a few in my diaper bag, just in case!

What are your postpartum must-haves?

xo Lauren



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