How to Surprise Your Man for Valentines Day!

With Valentines Day just around the corner I thought it would a fun idea to think of a fun way to surprise your man in your life with something for HIM!

Typically, Valentine’s Day is about you or your gal pals. And, I for one love myself flowers, chocolates and dinner for Valentines Day but also thought that surprising my hubs with a Valentine’s brunch would be fun too! To be honest, the brunch did turn out quite girly – but my hubby has a major sweet tooth so I was able to grab sweets and breakfast foods he loved and keep the pink theme. But, if your man is allergic to pink or isn’t huge on sweets just change the theme of your brunch!

How to Surprise Your Man for Valentines Day!

Why throw a Valentines brunch for your partner in crime? Valentines Day is supposed to be the official holiday of love. So why not treat your sweets with table full of his favourite breakfast foods? We ended up eating our croissants with dill cream cheese (which is SO good, btw) and nibbled on the berries, while saving all the desserts for last. It totally was a sugar overload, but the hubby loved it!

How to Surprise Your Man for Valentines Day!

My hubby loves coffee, so I thought it would feel more elegant serving french press coffee. And believe it or not, he loves Trius bubbly rosé, so I thought serving that at brunch would be the cherry on top.

How to Surprise Your Man for Valentines Day!
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I also thought it’d be even more special if we dressed up too while eating – I know, I know corny. But he didn’t mind it as long as I picked out what I wanted him to wear lol. We tried snapping a picture together but our tripod broke, leaving me to pretend to eat alone for the picture!

How to Surprise Your Man for Valentines Day!

I had originally planned to make him his favourite pancakes and cut them into hearts, but had so many sweets already I thought it was a tad overkill. Overall, I think this is a romantic and easy gesture to do on Valentines Day for your man! So don’t just make Valentines Day about you this year, surprise him with a special little brunch which I know he probably won’t be expecting!

**PS… this would also be a great idea for Valentines Day on a budget. It’s not about how much you spend on V-day but the thought behind it!

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?

xo Lauren


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