How to Style a Sequin Dress for the Holiday’s

How to Style a Sequin Dress for the Holiday's
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It’s officially the Holiday season. Well, in the Sheriff household the Holiday’s start early November because – hey we love Christmas! And with the Holiday’s comes that little sequin dress that almost all women love to wear to upcoming festivities. So with that being said, here are my tips to how to style a sequin dress for the holiday’s.

How to Style a Sequin Dress for the Holiday's

1. Pair sequins with glitter

Don’t shy away from tights with a little glitter! The holiday season is the perfect time to be a little extra and get away with it. I personally love oomphing up my sequins with glitter on my legs. Plus, that additional warmth is much needed here in Toronto. My advice would be to make sure your tights have less glitter than your dress. You wouldn’t want it stealing the show!

How to Style a Sequin Dress for the Holiday's

2. Silver and gold

You’ve heard the classic by Burl Ives. Nothing is better than silver and gold for the Holiday’s. I personally never pair silver and gold everyday but I love the combo for Christmas. If you’re unsure about the pairing, try a dainty gold heel like me above. Or try a subtle gold earring. For my bold babes, layer some gold necklaces or some statement earrings. Don’t be afraid to play around and see what you like!

How to Style a Sequin Dress for the Holiday's

3. Be bold

Nothing is quite the finishing touch to a sequin dress like a bold red lip. I’m honestly always a little scared to rock a red lip. But, something about a red lip and sequins during the Holiday’s are stunning. Step out of your comfort zone and rock those sequins with a touch of red. I promise you won’t regret it!

How are you styling your sequin dress this Holiday season?

xo Lauren