How to be a Private Public Person in the Blogging Industry

When you decided to blog full-time, you know that you need to show your authentic side to build honest and genuine interactions with your audience. As a blogger, your life is a source of content inspiration. And because of that, you can’t be successful in this field if you are not comfortable sharing a little bit about yourself even if it’s super personal.

There is a thin line to maintain between authenticity and oversharing. Saying a little about you and letting the readers discover your routine and bad habits is what blogging is about. But, as a blogger, you are entitled to your privacy too! For new bloggers, it can feel tricky to build a digital presence without exposing every inch of your life. But the truth is that every successful blogger needs to learn how to protect their privacy. Here are some of the tips to become a public private person in the blogging industry.

Work smartly and live to the fullest

Everything could become a new piece of content for your blog or Instagram, from your morning coffee routine to a night out with friends. So, while you should keep your mind open for exciting ideas as a blogger, you need to know when to stop working. You can’t constantly be preparing your next post. You need to find the right balance between blogging and living. If you keep the line blurry between your work and your life, you definitely will burn out (trust me, it’s happened multiple times to me before). And, when it comes to your privacy, mistakes are easy to make when you’re constantly online, sharing stories and just not taking time for yourself. You could find yourself sharing more than you intended and instantly regretting what you just posted. Besides, the more you work, the less privacy you get because there is simply no time left for living outside of your blog presence. 

How to be a Private Public Person in the Blogging Industry

Never publish personal contact details

As a blogger, if you want to encourage people to work with you, you need to be easy to contact. But don’t be tempted to share your private data online. You don’t want to publish your mobile number on the site. It could be a risky move, especially if hackers get hold of your number. Also, you don’t need to share your home address. While you can tell your audience where you are based, you should always opt for a solution that provides total mailbox privacy, such as a virtual address that lets you receive parcels and packages from brands and possibly fans. You can find mailbox services that allow you to read your post online too, which is the ideal time-saving tool! 

Respect the privacy of your relatives

Parents and future parents alike (like me) know that it can be hard not to share pictures and about their children. You are so proud of your little bundles of joy that you want everybody to know about them! However, your kids are also entitled to their privacy. What you share today could affect their future tomorrow. Nobody wants to be teased at school because friends found old photos of you online!

Blogging is all about balancing sharing and privacy. It’s hard because you want to be as authentic as possible. But don’t put your privacy and the one of your family at risk for the sake of authenticity! As a private public person myself, I follow my advice above and always try to keep a clear mine between work and personal!

xo Lauren


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