My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC

Qais and I are back from our super quick trip to NYC! I absolutely love NYC and travel there a ton for work. It’s becoming my home away from home! After over 5 years of traveling back and forth between Toronto and NYC, I feel like I have a few must-visit places in the city everytime I’m there. Here are my 5 favourite spots in the big apple…

My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC:

1. My favourite place to stay: Ink 48

Hands down, Ink 48 is my go-to hotel in the city. Between its contemporary space, spacious rooms, delicious restaurant in the lobby and breathtaking rooftop this hotel truly has it all! Not to mention Ink 48 has a complimentary happy hour serving red and white wine to guests. I mean, a complimentary happy hour is a big win in my books! The beds are cozy, the pillows are soft and the customer service is really above and beyond. And if you’re looking for a good time without spending $$ on a taxi, the Ink is for you!


My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC

2. My favourite place for a cocktail AND a view: The Press Lounge

Located on the roof of Ink 48, the Press Lounge is a must visit for a cocktail and a beyond amazing view of Midtown! I can’t get enough of this picturesque space and love spending my nights sipping on rosé and taking in the view while lounging on the outdoor couches. And, don’t worry if you visit in the colder months. This rooftop bar offers an indoor space with the same beautiful view! Plus, if you stay at Ink 48, you can skip the line of waiting to go up to the rooftop. Just don’t forget to bring your ID and check the dress code.

My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC

3. My favourite places to eat: Striphouse, Nobu, Gotham Market

So I couldn’t just pick one place to eat in NYC! If you’re looking for the best steak you’ll ever eat you need to check out Striphouse. This is my go-to place for a cozy dinner, amazing service and the best dirty martini I’ve ever had! Striphouse has two locations (midtown and downtown) and is a definite must if you love red meat!

If you’re a sushi lover, you definitely need to check out Nobu. I love the vibe of the Nobu on 57th and of course the sushi! You also need to check out their cocktail list and desserts, both are amazing! Be sure to make a reservation to guarantee a table and afterward take a walk to Central Park to burn off those sushi calories (that were so worth it!).

Gotham Market is a great casual place to grab a bite for lunch. It’s a food hall like you’ve never seen before. It’s kinda like food truck style restaurant in one place, plus they have a bar! A definite place to check out especially if you’re in Hell’s Kitchen.

My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC

4. My favorite date night spot: Bryant Park

So, Qais and I just discovered Bryant Park on our last trip and we fell in love. The massive tree’s, the picturesque park and the cute date night activities, I think it’s such a romantic spot with your sweetie! We had a bite at the Bryant Park Grill and it was delish! You can stroll through the park, stop at the beer tent for a drink or make your way to the waffle stand for something sweet. Qais and I were in awe of the massive trees and the beautiful architecture around us. We can’t wait to go back here!

My 5 Favourite Spots in NYC

5. My favourite place to shop: Um, everywhere it’s NYC!

I can’t pick a favorite place to shop cause I love shopping everywhere in New York, lol! But, I always find myself hitting up almost every Zara (NYC has the best Zara’s) the Steve Madden in Soho (love their selection there) and of course browsing the racks at Barney’s and Bloomingdales. I’m also guilty of using the tourist discount at Macy’s and spending an endless amount of time in the Macy’s footwear section. I also love getting lost in Soho and checking out all the high-end stores and boutiques, so fun!

My 5 Favourite Spots in NYCMy 5 Favourite Spots in NYCTop | Shorts | Shoes (on sale!)

I hope you guys enjoyed my NYC favourite spots! Let me know your favourite spots to hit up in the city in the comments! 🙂

xo Lauren