Currently Crushing On: Chambray Dresses

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Happy Humpday! Is this Summer blowing by for you guys?! I can’t believe we’re already in mid-July! This Summer totally needs to sloooooow the heck down!

Maybe it’s because Qais and I have been getting ready for our move to the city! 🙂 We are SO excited to renovate and decorate. And I’m super excited to share the process with you guys! It’s gonna be fun to live it and blog about it!!

It’s been so humid in Toronto so I’ve been living in shorts every day. Which is weird for me since I’ve never been a huge shorts person! But I just snagged this chambray dress at Zara and I wore it 3 times last week! For real, lol. I’m totally obsessed with how flattering it is. AND it’s so lightweight, which is perfect for this weather! So basically, you need this dress. It’s so cute for basically anything! I wore it for date night with my knit mules and fringe earrings!

xo Lauren