Celebrating 10 Years: How We Met

A couple of Saturday’s back, Qais and I celebrated 10 years together! If you ask either one of us, it’s honestly felt like five minutes. It’s crazy how fast time goes by and I for one wish it would just slow down a little bit! I’ve been getting a lot of requests for doing a post about how Qais and I met. So here it is! How Qais and I met 10 years ago… (I’m going to keep it as short and sweet as possible)

So Qais and I met back in highschool. We were both 16 and I had just transferred to his high school to attend school with my best friend! I knew a lot of other students at Qais’ high school since I went to elementary school with them. But I moved out of the district and had to attend another school in the same town.

The weird thing is Qais and I always went to the same parties prior to me transferring to his school. But we oddly never met. We had SO many mutual friends too, but still never crossed paths. It was literally fate the way we met, lol!

So it was a snow day at school and usually, I don’t go to school on snow days, but this day I decided to go! My best friend and I were trying to find a seat in the cafeteria but managed to embarrass ourselves and left the cafeteria laughing so hard we were crying, I can’t remember now what we were laughing at! As we left the cafeteria, my best friend saw Qais and called him over to say hi! This was the first time I saw Qais, but it wasn’t the first time he saw me!

Celebrating 10 Years: How We Met

Dress: Pretty Little Thing c/o

He first saw me when his friends wanted to show him the ‘new girl’ at school and at that moment Qais claims to have seen lights over me like I was some sort of angel (his words not mine!), and he literally said to his friends “I’m going to wife that”, lol! His friend liked me at the time and long story short, he convinced his friend I was interested in someone else and decided to pursue me himself – he’s sneaky!

So after bumping into Qais in the hallway with my best friend, all three of us walked around the halls talking! Let me tell you what Qais’ first conversation with me was. He literally started talking to me about Pokemon and pushed me into a locker. After this, we would hang out as friends at school. And he then pushed me into a teacher, which somehow got me into trouble (Yup and I married this guy. Say’s a lot about me lol). He would also wait for me outside of one of the campuses every morning to walk me to my second-period class before we were dating, he’s was so sweet!

After one breakup shortly after we started dating, we were literally inseparable. We attended college together and honestly did everything together. We basically grew up together!

When we were in our early twenties when he proposed to me after asking my dad for permission (again SO sweet)! A short six months after being engaged we tied the knot on Valentines Day 3 years ago! And the rest is history.

Now the next chapter that everyone keeps asking us is when we’re going to have babies, lol! Maybe soon?

PS… fun fact: “our song” is Lollipop from Lil Wayne. And not for any inappropriate reasons (lol). We both loved Lil Wayne and we first met when the music video for Lollipop came out and Qais sent it to me to watch. After that it was “our song” and we really wanted to play it at our wedding but thought people would get the wrong idea. For obvious reasons!!

xo Lauren