Moving with a Baby? Read These 7 Tips:

Moving with a Baby? Read These 7 Tips:

If you’re anything like me, moving probably has always been something you’ve loathed pre-baby. Then add a baby into the mix and honestly it sounds like a complete nightmare and a situation you wish you could avoid all together. I just moved a bit over a month ago and I definitely learned a thing or two about moving with a baby. Poppy was just shy of 6 months at the time and moving us during as pandemic was less then ideal. Which is why I wanted to share 7 tips for moving with a baby which will help it feel just a little less stressful on the big day! Scroll below to read more.

Moving with a Baby? Read These 7 Tips:

7 Tips for Moving with a Baby:

1. Hire Movers

This may seem really obvious. But, if you are anything like me, moving pre-baby might have included a rental cube truck from Discount Rentals and a few family members with muscle and a will to work for a few beers. Since my hubby and I have been married we’ve moved 4 times and 3 of those times we just rented a truck. Fast forward to 2021 with a 5 month old baby (+ a pandemic) and we knew renting a truck may be overly ambitious. We actually had a horrible experience with our first hired movers (long story short they didn’t show) but luckily were able to secure hired movers the same day, although it costed us a pretty penny it was worth it. Plus, we opted for the breakdown and build-up option which YOU NEED! All the furniture, including the crib, was taken down and built right back up in a jiffy. We had 10 guys all together move us and it took just under 2 hours. If you’re located in the GTA we used Aleks Movers and I’d highly recommend them.

2. Pack when the baby is asleep

Honestly guys, I’m not someone who packs weeks ahead of time. This may stress some of you out but we legit started packing a few days before our move. Now, we don’t have a ton of stuff so I feel like this was possible. But I find packing over a few days when Poppy was sleeping at night vs little by little over a week helped me stay organized. I kept out the most important items and packed away items I knew we could live without. Little by little we were able to drive boxes over and I felt so much more organized since I knew where everything was in the boxes and could easily put them in the room right away.

3. Do all the baby laundry/ cleaning the night before

The night before we moved I did a big load of laundry. Washed all her bottles, pacifiers and toys then threw them all her essentials into a weekender bag and a diaper bag. I knew that when we were waiting for the movers in the new home that I needed all her items cleaned and on hand. I brought her clean clothes over in her laundry bag so if I needed to change her while waiting it’d be quick and easy.

4. Pack the nursery last/ Unpack it first

Babies need so. much. stuff. So I decided to pack up Poppy’s room the night before. Her room is probably the most organized room in the house so it made this really easy. I only left a couple of outfits plus all the essentials for diaper changes and what not. We packed the car with all her items so I knew at all times where any of her stuff was when I did need to grab it. Once we moved in, I unpacked her room first and didn’t have to worry at all where anything was. I simply put all her clothes in the drawers and in the closet and put all the essentials away. Her crib was built thanks to the movers and her room was ready to go!

5. Designate a spot in the new house for naps/play

Nothing is worse than having movers walk in and out while you’re with a baby. We decided to have a room where she could nap/play in peace without anyone coming in and out. This room had a bathroom which was perfect for pitch black naps. We packed her Snoo to sleep in and her bouncer/toys and books to keep her occupied. I also had a make shift diaper changing station and extra blankets so she could roll around on the ground and play with her toys!

6. Don’t try to get it all done at once

And most importantly, breathe mama. Moving with a baby is tiring and you can’t get all the things done. I honestly tried to DO IT ALL while she was sleeping at night. Unpack, organize, clean etc. etc. etc. and I felt so burnt out. Take your time moving in, prioritize your mental health and your baby. I promise, things will slowly but surely get done!

Moving with a Baby? Read These 7 Tips:

7. BONUS TIP: order out 🙂

Don’t even bother trying to cook, trust me. Do yourself a favour and plan on eating take out for at least a week straight lol!

Have you moved with a baby before?

xo Lauren