3 Reasons Why I Love My Luxy Hair Extensions (more then my real hair)!

I always get so many messages on Instagram about my hair! Whether its real or not, what colour I dye it, how I curl it etc. Today, I decided to talk all about my locks (which you know by now are fake lol) and why I personally love my Luxy hair extensions more than my real hair!

Hair extensions and I go way back! I’ve worn hair extensions for about 10 years now and I honestly love them. I know some people aren’t about that #fakehair life. But, hair extensions have a lot of pros when it comes to doing your hair and they can make you feel more confident too (and what girl doesn’t love that)!? Way, waaaaay back in the day when I was in high school I used to have real long hair like above. Because I loved to straighten my hair, and my hair is naturally curly, I decided to cut it to make it more manageable and easier to straighten. Now, this was a huge mistake since my hair grows like really, really slow! And, because I used to love to dye my hair back in high school which ultimately made it unhealthy.

So, when I was 17 I decided to try hair extensions for the first time and never turned back. Now not all extensions are made the same. But, I’ll get more into that later. First here are the 3 reasons why I love my hair extensions more than my real hair:

3 Reasons I love my Luxy Hair Extensions:

1. Hello, 5-minute hair!

My personal favourite part of wearing hair extensions is the ease of styling! I literally curl my hair once every two weeks and these Luxy extensions hold the curls that gradually turn into waves throughout those 14 days. I literally spend 5 minutes or less putting in my hair extensions and jetting out of the house (cause I’m always late, lol)! Believe me, you never have to worry about doing your hair AGAIN!

2. It saves your hair from heat damage

My hair is finally growing back stronger and faster than ever since I finally dyed it closer to my natural colour. And because the lack of heat tools I use on my hair! If you have wavy to straight hair then you’ll basically never have to use heat tools again! My morning hair routine is usually me touching up my bedhead with a straightener. And then adding my pre-curled extensions in! If I need to, I’ll touch up a curl here in there on my extensions. And then voila, my hair is done!

3. You don’t need to wash them every day

What I absolutely love about my Luxy hair extensions is how low maintenance they are! Unlike your real hair, hair extensions only need to get washed every 10-14 days. The only time they pick up smell is around heavy smoke or strong smelling food. Other than that, washing them is fast, easy and rare!

I mean, extensions are really hair sent from heaven, lol. Now don’t get me wrong I love my natural hair. But, I love wearing long locks that are easy to maintain more! And what girl doesn’t love a good hair day everyday?!

If you are curious about hair extensions and don’t know where to start, take a look at my quick tips below! And feel free to comment me any specific questions you may have about hair extensions!

BEFORE                                                                                                             AFTER

Hair Extensions Quick Tips:

How do I know what colour to get to match my hair?

What I love about Luxy hair are their online stylists. All you need to do is to take a quick selfie in natural light and then send it to one of their stylists! They’ll colour match you correctly.

What colour am I wearing and what is my real hairs colour?

My Luxy hair extensions are the seamless sombre 20″ in the colour Mocha Chestnut. My real hair colour is dark brown at the top with a sombre to lighter brown at the bottom.

What is the thickness of my hair extensions?

My natural hair is thick so I chose to go with the 220g. But Luxy hair offers different weight of hair depending on your hairs natural thickness!

Are all hair extensions made the same?

Nope! Before wearing my Luxy hair extensions, I bought mine from a local hair supply store. They definitely weren’t the same quality as in thickness and the actual hair itself was much more brittle. I would personally recommend Luxy if you are looking to purchase extensions online. Hair extensions are on the pricey side but you definitely get what you pay for. My recommendation would be to do your research and read reviews before purchasing a set of hair extensions!

Do they hurt to wear?

Yes and no, lol! My head will sometimes hurt after a 12+ hour day of wearing them. Not like a painful headache or anything. But just a dull more annoying pain. On an average day, I wear my hair extensions for about 8-10 hours and have no issues. When you first start wearing them, you may not be used to them and they may irritate you more.

How do you wash hair extensions?

I personally just take them in the shower with me and shampoo and condition them with my regular products. I’ve heard this isn’t the best way to wash your extensions. Some people will dip them in soapy water and condition them. Definitely do your research on what way is best to wash your extensions. But, DO NOT brush them when they are wet! Always comb them from the bottom to top first before wearing or washing.

Do I use heat protective products on my extensions?

Yes! They’re real hair and they get damaged too. Always use a good styling product to protect them from the heat!

How do I store them?

Luxy hair comes in a really cute box. I store them there after giving them a quick brush!


If you’re interested in purchasing your own Luxy Hair extensions check them out here!

xo Lauren

Thank you to Luxy Hair for collaborating with me on this post!