3 Easy Practices to Do Daily to Stay Motivated

I don’t know about you. But after a long weekend, a holiday or a vacation I always struggle to get back into my rhythm of work. Feeling a little bit blue from jumping back into the grind after some care free days can be really hard for most. And if you work from home, like me, getting that motivation can be even harder! Luckily, I’ve figured out 3 easy practices to do daily to stay motivated which I even do on days I feel down or in a creative rut.

3 Easy Practices to Do Daily to Stay Motivated
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1. Unplug and Recharge

If you’re just coming off a vacation or a long weekend you may have unplugged from the world and recharged while laying on the beach. But, I find when I’m feeling down or unmotivated at home, unplugging and recharging myself by doing something I love or that my body needs is a great way to prepare yourself to get back into work!

For example, turn your phone on to airplane mode and grab a good book and a tea. Or, go for a walk without your phone and live in the present without running through a to-do list in your head. We are constantly looking at our phones that we don’t realize that having our eyes glued to our screen can actually cause us to feel less motivated. Whether that’s feeling overwhelmed by our emails, bills to pay, or feeling insecure after scrolling through Instagram. Unplugging and giving your body a little recharge will always do more good than harm, I promise.

3 Easy Practices to Do Daily to Stay Motivated

2. Get Moving

Literally, get your body moving. If I’m really having an off day where I can’t for the life of me get motivated, I always get a sweat in. Is there anything better than getting your heart pumping, blood flowing and those endorphins kicking in? This tip is my ultimate stress buster and sometimes my first practice of the day to get myself mentally ready to work.

It doesn’t always have to be intense either. Do what you love to get a good sweat in. Whether that’s yoga, pilates or even a stretching routine. I personally love doing HITT or some cardio with weights. Pick a workout that works for you and I guarantee you’ll feel so much better after the workout then when you started!

3. Purge and Declutter

Something about cleaning, organizing and purging is really therapeutic and helps me get motivated. I find, when you work from home, you really need to keep your space clean and organized to be productive.

Sometimes, When I feel unmotivated it’s because my surroundings are cluttered and all I need is a good cleaning. Not only do I clean but I’ll take the time to re-organize my desk, closet and whatever else seems to need tidying. I’ll also take the time to purge my old clothes, whether it’s donating or selling. And throw out old paperwork or random items I’ve been holding on to for absolutely no reason. After a little refresh and organizing I always feel more motivated to work in my space and happy to let some items I’ve been collecting go! This practice is such a simple one but can make the biggest difference.

How do you stay motivated?

xo Lauren


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