10 Wooden Lovevery Dupe Toys

10 Wooden Lovevery Dupe Toys

Some of Poppy’s favourite toys are her wooden Lovevery toys which comes in their monthly subscription boxes. Every once in awhile I share Poppy playing over on my stories and always get asked for links for her Lovevery toys. I also get asked for a coupon code, that I sadly don’y have. But, I do have some “dupes” if you’re looking for Montessori style toys but aren’t interested in subscribing to Lovevery. I will say that we personally LOVE Lovevery and I’d highly recommend their subscription boxes and even their home items. The quality of toys are amazing, fair-trade and free of toxins. They take the thinking out of what toys should you get for baby depending on their age and is great for a busy mama! I’ll link some Lovevery items that we have down below too if you’re interested in going their subscription.

Lovevery Items:


Play Gym

Home Collection

10 Wooden Lovevery Dupe Toys

10 Wooden Lovevery Dupe Toys

10 Wooden Lovevery Dupe Toys:

1. Montessori Spinning Drum

2. Object Permanence Box

3. Rolling Bell

4. High Contrast Ball

5. Wooden Disc

10 Wooden Lovevery Dupe Toys

6. Single Piece Puzzle

7. Wooden Rattle

8. Magic Tissue Box

9. Stacking Cups

10. Etsy sets (linking more here, and here)

xo Lauren


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